Counselling Practitioner Certificate (Beginner to Advanced)

Learn the theory and practice of Person-Centred Counselling skills in this Achology Certified Practitioner course.

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What will i learn?
  • You will learn advanced counselling skills and frameworks that you can action with clients, in your private life, career & relationships right away.
  • Develop a range of person-centred counselling skills and gain deep insights into the driving forces that motivate all human behaviour.
  • If you already operate as a professional helper in some capacity, you can complement and increase your existing level of professional service.
  • You will learn advanced counselling models of change that can act as the catalyst for instigating significant transformation in your clients.
  • Learn various historic approaches to counselling; including existential, rational emotive, behavioural, person-centred perspectives, plus more.

Curriculum for this course
22 Lessons 09:41:50 Hours
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  • This course gives you an in-depth knowledge of using counselling skills in everyday life and work, and the approaches that underpin these skills. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary.
  • Many self-reflective ideas are discussed throughout the course, and as such students are encouraged to take notes (this is for self-reflection purposes only and isn't for official submission).
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The Achology certified Counselling Practitioner course is respected as one of the most comprehensive and in-depth video-based Counselling Practitioner courses in the world. Achology takes great pride in offering exceptional value to students of Counselling and other life-long learners.

This Counselling Practitioner course will teach you various approaches that have historically been taken to counselling. These approaches will include existential, rational emotive, person-centred perspectives, plus more.

Referred to as a modern applied psychology, counselling has historically been known as a ‘talking therapy’ that allows an individual to discuss their human experience in a safe and confidential environment.

Studying counselling at practitioner level is about embodying the principles that underpin this time-proven method of helping people. You will develop your person-centred counselling skills and also gain deep insights into the driving forces that motivate human behaviour.

This Achology certified training delves to the heart of traditional person-centred counselling and focuses on facilitating profound personal change on the level of identity beliefs, personal values and priorities. You will learn the theoretical frameworks, people skills, and communication patterns that enable significant transformation in counselling clients.

It’s not just students of counselling who benefit from counselling skills training. Most counselling skills pieces of training have an extensive application and offer widely transferable skills for people in various professions such as health and social care, teaching, management, parenting, HR and even the voluntary sector.

The course sections are designed to enable students to increase their self-awareness by analysing and evaluating the impact that counselling theory and practice have on self and relationships. It is also suitable for those who want to enhance their professional role through the use of counselling skills.

Our counselling practitioner course materials are created by expert applied psychologists and are regularly updated to reflect new developments. The teachings are clear, easy to follow and allow our students to work at their chosen level and pace.

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